December 2008
Santa Barbara

2 Bottle Gift Set

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It's a short holiday season (in contrast to the election season!), so please try to get your holiday orders in before Sunday, December 21st to guarantee delivery by Christmas. Please check out our beautiful 2 Bottle Gift Set.

Unfortunately we have sold out of our 25 Year Old Balsamic; however, we have been able to secure a tantalizing Fig Balsamic. It is a wonderful jammy and rich vinegar and we are proud to offer it during the holidays. Great over fruit and don’t forget to splash some over aged cheese.

We are happy to report our customers are enjoying our Mission EVOO.

Interesting fact number one: there are over 1046 varieties of olives, less than 2% are the Mission varietal. The vast majority of Mission Olives are grown in California, but they represent only 1.5% of California's total olive production. So Mission EVOO is very rare indeed!  See Brief History of Olives in California below.

Interesting fact number two: Spain and Italy are the two largest producers of olive oil in the world. However, Greece consumes almost one quarter of the world's olive oil at a rate of almost 24kg per person every year! While, we here in the United States consume barely 1/2kg per person, this means a very nice gentleman in Athens is ingesting more Olive Oil in one week then a very nice gentleman in Chicago consumes in a year. Think about it!

Our store, located in the El Presidio de Santa Barbara State Historic District on De la Guerra Street, will open in early 2009. We will keep you posted with news of our opening events. Meanwhile, please take advantage of our online holiday products.

We appreciate your business and wish you a happy and safe holiday season,

Jody & Laura Kirkley

Brief History of Olives In California:

As the Franciscans marched north establishing missions in California, they also planted olive groves. Southern California saw the first olive trees. According to an account in Judith Taylor's book, The Olive in California, a visitor to Mission San Fernando in 1842 saw the mission buildings in ruins but the orchard with a good crop of olives. The visitor remarked that the mission probably had the biggest olive trees in the state. Subsequently in the past 150 years, trees have been planted in several waves along with interest in olives and olive oil. Many of these older groves (80-150 yrs old) still exist in California. Most are in Northern California. In Southern California population and housing pressure have put the farmers out of business. There are many isolated trees or fragments of old groves but the land is too expensive for olive growing. Income per acre is 10 times lower than other crops like wine grapes and even that can't compete with development potential.

Olive Oil Production and Consumption
Country Production Consumption Annual Per Capita Consumption (kg)
Spain 36% 20% 13.62
Italy 25% 30% 12.35
Greece 18% 9% 23.7
Tunisia 8% 2% 11.1
Turkey 5% 2% 1.2
Syria 4% 3% 6
Morocco 3% 2% 1.8
Portugal 1% 2% 7.1
United States 0% 8% 0.56
France 0% 4% 1.34
Lebanon 0% 3% 1.18

Olive Events


Sonoma Valley Olive Festival - December 2008 - February 2009 The eighth annual Sonoma Valley Olive Festival lights up the Valley with a three-month-long party as we toast all things olive. There are many fun events and promotions including the Blessing of the Olives at the Mission San Francisco Solano de Sonoma on December 6; tours, tastings, and milling demonstrations; and olive curing seminars by Don Landis. For more information, visit the Sonoma Valley Olive Festival.


34th Winter Fancy Food Show - January 18-20, 2009, San Francisco, CA Produced by the NASFT since 1955, the Fancy Food Shows are North America's largest (24,000 attendees, 250,000 products, 22,000 exhibitors & 81 countries) specialty food and beverage marketplace. For information visit, the


5th Annual China International Exhibition of Olive Oil and Edible Oil - China World Trade Center, Beijing March 15 - 17, 2009

Olives Olé Texas International Olive Oil Festival  2009 - March 28, 2009, 10:00 am to 4:00 pm Sandy Oaks Olive Orchard, 25195 Mathis Rd., Elmendorf, Texas 78112. 25 vendors, exciting food and wine concessions for foodies, cooking demonstrations by chefs and other experts, health and nutrition seminars, olive oil beauty products, presentations on Mediterranean herbs and growing olive trees for pleasure or profit, entertainment, tours of the ranch olive and olive oil presentations. Suitable for all ages 10 and up. $10 at gate. Proceeds benefit scholarships. Presented by Les Dames d'Escoffier San Antonio Chapter. Ample free parking. For more information, visit the Sandy Oaks Olive Orchard.


Extra Virgin Olive Oil Savantes - Professional Development and International Networks. Seville, Spain: May 19-21, 2009 London, United Kingdom: May 27-29, 2009


Paso Roble Olive Festival - August 22, 2009, Paso Robles, California: for more information visit