An il Fustino recipe

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Author: James Kirkley

Delicious with pulled pork or barbeque ribs!

Serves: 9

Carolina Slaw


1 large head, cabbage - finely shredded
1 medium, bell pepper - finely chopped
1/2 medium, red onion - finely chopped
2 medium, jalapeno pepper - seeded and chopped
2 carrots - grated (optional)
2 teaspoons, salt
1/2 teaspoon, freshly ground black pepper
2/3 cup, il Fustino Avocado Oil
1 teaspoon, dry mustard
1 teaspoon, celery seed
3/4 cup, il Fustino Head Ancho Chili Vinegar


  1. Combine coleslaw vegetable ingredients; chopped cabbage, chopped bell pepper, chopped onion, jalapeno and grated carrots in a large serving bowl.
  2. In a mason jar, combine salt, avocado oil, dry mustard, celery seed and ancho vinegar. Shake vigorously to combine.
  3. Pour dressing over vegetable ingredients. Toss to combine. Cover and refrigerate until thoroughly chilled.

This coleslaw is made with a tangy vinegar dressing, ancho chili vinegar, celery seed, and other seasonings.